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Education and Student Videos 

Montana Tech of the University of Montana
Engineering Podcasts.
These are examples of  podcasts produced by Dr. Lorene Shyba, Department of Technical Communication, in collaboration with Dr. David Bunnell, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, and students at Montana Tech of the University of Montana.

University of Calgary

Faculty Profiles: In 2013 the Departments of Dance, Drama, and Music combined to become The School of Creative and Performing Arts (SCPA) at the University of Calgary. My students of Smartphone Movie Making atU of C did interviews, assembled them into short docos.

SCPA Faculty Interviews – Short version (3 minutes)

SCPA Faculty Interviews – Longer version (6 minutes)

National Institute of Arts, Lviv Ukraine

I conducted workshops in Documentary Moviemaking in Ukraine in 2012 and here are some results of the student work.

Mykhailo Dzyndra, Ukrainian Sculptor

Living the Moment