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2015. Smartphone Travel Journal

I shot, edited, composed music and recorded voiceover all on my Android Galaxy G5 Smartphone. The learning curve was torture but this is the future, so why not embrace it. Apps used included VideoShow, Music Maker Jam, Walk Band, Media Converter, and a teeny bit of Garageband to test file transfers between Android and Apple. It is square format because I strung together a series of 5 Instagram videos.

2014. I Love You India

I did love India. This video was also shot on Smartphone but edited with Final Cut Pro and music composed with loops in Logic Pro on the Mac.

Here is a random one from about 2005. I don’t like uploading copyright music but it was par for the course back in the day.



My video podcast series featuring innovation and discoveries by women around the globe. Some topics are momentous, some are significant in their mere elegance, but all are designed to bring meaning and to our world and our humanity. This series was shot on my iPad2.

Episode #1 of Attainment: Women and Discovery
Marilyn Jesmain, PhD. Ancient Women’s Menses Site | Read More

Episode #2 of Attainment: Women and Discovery
Betty Latimer, Personal Trainer and Spiritual Healer

Episode #3 of Attainment: Women and Discovery
Dr. Andrea Stierle, Natural Products Chemist | Discovering Value from Toxic Waste


3. VIZPO (Visual Poetry) SONNETS

In early 2013, I attended the In(ter)ventions Literary Arts workshop at The Banff Centre and created this short series of VizPo pieces, one on the Ukrainian Maidan revolution, and one series (interactive) on climate change.

Sonnet For Ukraine | Read Poem

Interactive Movie Experiment: Climate Change Denial

Dolly Diva, socialite and climate change denier, toes the Denial Party line in this interactive sonnet. Between short segments, you can choose to “Stay in Denial” or to take the “Path Less Travelled,” which takes you off to messages from non-deniers such as Bill McKibben, David Suzuki, John Kerry, and Rachel Carson.



This is long, but it shows various art projects from 1994 to about 2007. Hunt and peck through it — Pixel Pushers is fun and leads off the piece.


This V2 version of the FUZ experiment includes original music. The music and animation were composed on my Galaxy S6 with Pixel Studio and Music Maker Jam, along with Media Converter.

As a contrast, this V1 version of the FUZ experiment includes the first bars from Dandy Warhol’s We Used to Be Friends . The animation were composed on my Galaxy S6 and doesn’t include the WOW screens on V2.